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Too much office space?
We help you get paid for it.

Satchel is flexible subleasing on autopilot. We take care of the entire process — from NDA and insurance, to finding you trusted tenants.

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See how much you can earn

New York
Satchel can earn you up to:
$16,800 / year
Estimates are calculated by multiplying the monthly subscription by the expected total days of occupancy. The monthly average subscription price for New York is $350.

We make flexible subleasing easy

Satchel provides an end-to-end solution for subleasing your office. An entire floor or just a few desks — we deal with the heavy lifting.

Front-door accessWe use your existing smart lock APIs to give people access to your space. No smart lock installed? We help you set one up.
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ID verificationAlways know who is using your office space. We verify everyone’s identity and allow you to filter out competing businesses.
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Non-disclosure agreementWe automatically require everyone using your space to sign an NDA, protecting your business.
InsuranceYour office is automatically insured in case of accidents or damage to your property.
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Master-lease compliantUsing a license agreement, we let you sublease your office and avoid legal issues or negotiations with your landlord.
PayoutsWe automatically collect the payment from people using your office, and do payouts within 2 business days.

It only takes minutes to start earning money on your office

  1. 1. Get listed

    Provide us with basic information about your office, like location, available seats, lease status, and pictures.

    We’ll let you know if custom work is needed before listing.

  2. 2. Welcome guests

    Sit back as we collect requests to use your office. You’re always in control of who you allow access to.

  3. 3. Get paid

    You earn money on your office whenever it is being used, and we make sure you get paid.

List your space

List for free — get paid per use

It’s free to list your office

Signing up for Satchel and listing your office is completely free. In case your office needs custom work before we can rent it out, we will let you know of any related costs upfront.

You may cancel your listing at any time.

We pay you when your office is used

How we charge guests

- Daypass from $20/seat
- Monthly subscription from $300/seat

A host service fee will be deducted from each payout you receive. Email for details.

Unfurnished office space?

We have world-class furniture rental partners who can help you set up an attractive office space in as little as 7 days.

Questions? Contact us at

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Some of our locations

Tools that make subleasing simple

Instantly scale your available seats up or down as your needs change.

Always know who’s using your office. We let you screen for competitors or unwanted guests.

Product admin interface

Know someone we should talk to?

Tell us about a company that would benefit from using Satchel. We pay finders fees of $300 for every successful listing.

Satchel makes it effortless to earn money on your office. Ready?

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