HeySatchel – Daytime workspaces in private homes
Host your space and earn extra income

As a host, you earn money by letting people from your neighborhood use your space as a daytime office.

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How does it work?


List your space for free

Living room, home office, or guest house, list your space without sign-up fees.


Decide how you want to host

Set up your own schedule and house rules for your guests.


Welcome your first guest

Once your space is live, qualified members can book a work session.

Why host on HeySatchel?

Hosting on HeySatchel lets you earn extra income and build towards your financial goals, while connecting with people in your local community.

Renting out your home as a daytime office is the easiest way to make extra money when you're not using it. Unlike overnight rentals, guests are not using your bed, shower, or kitchen. There are less costs associated with cleaning, and almost no preparation.

Guests are local professionals from your community — you can always count on that your home is treated with care and respect. Hosts say they often find their place in better shape then they left it.

We leave in the morning, and come back to find the place in the same or even better condition. In between, we’ve made money, and got to know someone new from our local community. It’s a win-win situation!
— Linda, Product Manager

How much can I make?

Listing your space on HeySatchel is free, and we don't charge you any fees unless you make income from renting out your home. For confirmed bookings, we take a 5% cut on your listing price. No other hosting fees apply.

You decide what you want to charge for you space. However we see that pricing your place at half, up to a quarter, of the price for an overnight booking works well to attract guests.

For an regular listing, we recommend that you start out charing around 150 SEK for 1 guest for half a day, and around 250 SEK for the full day.

Number of seats
Days / week
Monthly potential (SEK)
Note that we also take a fee on the guest side, which is added on top of your listing price.